Advance Usage

Project Settings

Microgen comes with many possibilities for Your app to be configured. Found gear icon on the navbar, to found the settings options. There are Config Var, Stop Project, and Delete Project actions to manage Your Project as You need.

Config Var (ENV)

on Non Enterprise pricing plan, configuration for Storage, Push Notification, Social Media Auth are not yet automatically configured for You. You must configure it yourself and connect to your own third parties.

Delete Project

To delete your project, you can click this button. Please be careful because it has no turning back action!

Project Log(s)

Although Microgen handled everything for You, You still need to be careful when editing functions folder or hooks folder, because small typo might generate an error. For that case, microgen give You ability to track Your Project Log(s) to monitor if something when wrong when You RUN the Project or when Your Project get some Error on Production. Found logs icon on the navbar to watch Your Project Log(s)


Microgen also comes with Versioning tools like GIT for Your Project(s). Simply click the versioning icon on Navbar, and You can take version or Change to any version histories. This toolbar will only displayed when you are on code, schema manager, role, and setting page.


Caching is use for faster query request.


Service tool is used to see any service you would like to know about the apps.


Microgen comes with a private storage for each project where user can upload and safe their data.


Microgen also comes with Advance Monitoring Features. Simply navigate to monitoring menu and you can analyze your backend!

Role & Permissions GUI

Manage Your Users Role with easily used Graphical User Interface, simply turn on the needed action from each role provided. The default role provided are admin, authenticated, and public.